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About Me

I have been painting and teaching art for over 30 years now. I gained a degree in Art and Design, Painting and Film Making in 1972 and then a Certificate in Education in 1973. I taught Art at secondary level in Cheshire schools for 25 years and now spend time teaching art to adults in schools, colleges and private venues, mainly in the South Cheshire area. I live now in the Congleton, Cheshire.


I started painting seriously in 1973 when my studies took me to Manchester where I was struck by the atmosphere of the industrial landscape and the colour of the brickwork which is very different to my hometown of Monmouth in South Wales. I am not too keen on 'Chocolate Box Scenes' but prefer the more prozaic, earthy, less fashionable places which we tend to overlook because I think they offer a more accurate reflection of our society.

I have sold many pictures over the years and more recently I have broadened my subjects to include portraits (animal and human!), still life (natural and man-made), general landscapes and water which I love because of the way it reflects and distorts the things around it. I have completed many commissions.


Why do I Enjoy teaching Art?

  • An artist is not a particular kind of person, but every person is a particular kind of artist.
  • My art classes are for everyone regardless of experience and ability.
  • Art encourages you to think about what you see. Your eyes are not just to stop you from bumping into lampposts!
  • Many pupils have said that they have started to see things in a new way such as the way trees reach for the light, or the way that the sky changes colour. I don't recommend doing this while driving though!
  • Art helps you to develop your own ideas and my lessons give people experience in using many materials, such as graphite, pastels, inks, watercolour, gouache and acrylics.
  • We work in four main areas, landscapes, still life, animals and people
  • We often look at the work of famous artists and different cultures to help us.
copyright Nick Eveleigh 2008